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True Indie: Heroes & Villains

by Archives November 8, 2006

The real definition of “indie” has been obscured over the years, slowly floating away from its original roots of independent publishing. Heroes & Villains bring the term back to its original meaning.

Heroes & Villains (H & V) is a band that has a true indie sound, which can be attributed to the band’s own tireless dedication. They handle the instruments, mics, writing, and just about every other aspect of the recording, producing and promoting process. The band comprises of Raph Parent on lead vocals and guitar, Pierre Megarbane on guitar and voxs, Dominique Salameh as drummer and back up vocalist , and Jeremy Proville on bass. Their love of the business can be felt in their music and live energetic shows, even in the flyers they create themselves.

The H & V name originated from a Beach Boys song, but was kept for its deeper meaning of describing the aggressive and blissful moods of their distinctive sound. They have been compared to The Strokes and The Smiths but are eager to branch out with their own sound. Their new album Air Sea Rescue is promised to be more diverse and break away from their earlier influences, and transform this sound into a genuine Heroes & Villains resonance.

The melodic Brit-pop like riffs, the tight drumming, fused together with the deep baritone vocals, show that they are well on their way to finding the perfect pop song, as Parent put it. This is a young band with a promising future and is truly one of Montreal ‘s gems. When asked about their relationship with their fans, Parent points out that “We are wide open with nothing to hide.” They are determined that all of us embark together on this amazing journey they are taking by keeping their fans informed of every step of Heroes & Villains’ story.

Some of their honest and almost boyish excitement can be felt when their upcoming show at Salsa Rosa is brought up. There they will be opening for one of their biggest influences, British Sea Power. “It’s kind of a dream come true.” said Parent. Megarbane added, “When [Parent and I] me t, it’s one of the bands that bonded us together. (sic)” Opening for British Sea Power is no small feat for them, even though playing live is nothing foreign to H & V. They are an extremely hard working band. They have been playing shows almost religiously for the past two years. So when asked if opening for British Sea Power would be an unnerving experience, they simply replied that it would only make them push themselves harder and have more fun with their show.

They will also be appearing for a session at Concordia’s own radio station, CJLO, on Nov. 14 starting at 6 p.m. If you are not able to catch their live show this time around, pop in and see them for their album launch party at Le Divan Orange on Nov. 17 starting at 9 p.m.

Heroes & Villains play at Sala Rosa Nov. 13th.
4848 boul. St-Laurent
Headliner: British Sea Power
Opening act: Boo Hoo
Tickets $10/12 at the door

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