The Aude Couture Series:

For some, building a wardrobe is a tedious task. Where to start? What to buy? Where to buy? How to save?

Here are some basic tips for the building of any wardrobe. They will adorn your lower body and will be the canvas on which you will build your style. Enjoy.

Own at least one pair of fabulous jeans.

A boot cut in a dark wash will flatter almost any figure. You will also be able to dress them up or down according to the occasion.

You don’t need to own 30 pairs of jeans. In fact, even the richest of the richest like Mary-Kate Olsen only own two.

Mavi Jeans are great for girls with a little something extra around the hips.

Depending on the season, their models may have pocket embellishments designed to downplay that specific area.

Buffalo Jeans are an all-around favoured brand. The Pink-X model is very flattering and doesn’t stretch nor fade, even after many uses and washings.

Buffalo stores have a big denim sale in September. Almost all their summer models retail for 75 per cent discounts from the regular price.

Own one pair of sweats.

The misconception about sweat pants is that you need to be athletic or sloppy to wear them.

Comfort is a luxury that money cannot buy. Lululemon sweats are fantastic.

The material is super figure-flattering. They eliminate the appearance of cellulite, ladies! Making any booty look booty-luscious.

Plus they are so lightweight that you don’t even feel them on your skin.

Ok, so they are a bit pricey (around $70 a pair), but it is a great investment if you have the money to splurge even just once. You’ll want to wear them everyday.

For petite women, Francois Beauregard’s line offers pants that are awesome.

They come in an array of colours and you can find them for less than $40 at their liquidation store on St. Laurent.

For warmer and thicker sweats, Roots is the destination. Plus, it’s a Canadian brand that also offers the organic cotton option.

Own a pair of dress pants.

You never know when the occasion will arise and you will need to have them handy.

Dynamite has many styles to choose from. So do Jacob and Zara. For classy, black pants that are less business-inspired, check out Neon.Own a skirt or a dress.

Here, the store possibilities are endless. American Apparel skirts are polyvalent and often can transform themselves into cute tops.

The colour palette is varied and flashy and the materials range from jersey to lam


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