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Oh Canada, It’s Juno time again!

By Archives April 1, 2008

Bedouin Soundclash, Pop Album of the Year / Video of the Year

“When I say pop, I really don’t mean Pussycat Dolls pop,” insisted lead singer Jay Malinowski. The Bedouin Soundclash vocalist is trying to decipher the ingredients in a true pop record.
“A good pop album tells a story. There is a certain quality to it that you don’t understand like why it affects people the way it does.” The Toronto-based trio’s third album, Street Gospels has affected Canada as hit #2 upon its release. Now the guys find themselves sharing two nominations along side the likes of Canadian favorites Celine Dion, Feist and Blue Rodeo.
“Maybe it’s soul. A good pop album has to have soul.” Malinowski added. Well boys, you’ve got soul.

Blue Rodeo, Adult Alternative Album of the Year / Group of the Year / Video of the Year

Established in 1984 and making hits ever since, Blue Rodeo is a true institution. But according to co-founding member Greg Keelor these pioneers are something else. “More like a lab experiment!” Keelor laughed. “We put six men in a van and drive around all over the place.” Over twenty years and 11 albums later, that lab experiment has become a milestone in Canadian music history. “I’ve made my living from playing music and I really can’t explain it,” Keelor said. “We’re just so lucky that there is still a place for us in Canadian music.”

Faber Drive, New Group of the Year

“Drive Faber! Drive!” guitarist David Hinsley growled. The origins of the band name rooted in lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Faber’s bad driving skills.
“It’s not easy being a band. You give up a lot to succeed. It’s a lot of work,” frontman Dave Faber insisted. “Now look at the bands in this category. It’s such an honor to us that we don’t even believe it half the time.” The BC based band is getting use to the recognition. Faber Drive just won a 2008 Canadian Radio Music Award. “I don’t think we’re going to be happy until we take over the world!” Faber laughed.

Chromeo, Dance Recording of the Year

Made in Montreal, Chromeo’s electro hit album Fancy Footwork started quite a stir. Appropriately named, Chromeo’s second full length effort got countless Canadians dancing on their feet. The duo and childhood best friends, P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) and Dave Macklovitch, thought hip hop was their natural calling. “We only thought we were going to do a side thing with this electronic music,” Dave recalled. “But it just took off with great unexpected twists and turns, and now we’re so thankful.” And to think this all happened accidentally, or as Dave put it, “serendipitously.”

Danny Michel, Music DVD of the Year

What do you get when you take the talents of a vocalist, a songwriter, a guitarist, a producer and then some, and wrapped each gift up into one ambitious package? Simple. Ontario’s tour-de-force and Danny Michel. This jack-of-all-trades records and produces his own material while finding the time to produce fellow musicians. Michel visually captured his magic for your viewing with the nominated DVD Danny Michel and the Black Tornados Live. “It was a really fun night and a giant undertaking. I was the producer, the director, and just the everything,” Michel beamed. Ladies and gentleman, Danny Michel, the one man show.

Dragonette, New Group of the Year

Dragonette ignited the country with their infectious electropop new wave debut album Galore. Dragonette is comprised of lead vocalist Martina Sobara, husband Dan Kurtz, Joel Stouffer and Will Stapleton. Sobara insists that leading the group is not like leading a boys club. “There’s no watch your language. We’re all like smelly boys,” Sorbara shared. “I make fun of the guys a little and maybe I can be a little bitchy. But I can do that, I’m the girl, and they’re not,” she teased. Though Dragonette might now be based in the UK, these Canadians still managed to char their mark on the nation.