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by Archives April 1, 2008

Little Songs (1998)

“This record was written in my little apartment on Coloniale Avenue just below Rachel here in Montreal.”

1. Trickster

2. St. Lawrence River: “This is my Montreal song. I wrote the chorus the day before I recorded it and it’s just one of the songs for me.”

3. Jesus Was My Girl: “It’s intense. Think about that one. I have to too.”

4. Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful

5. Forest Fire

6. Babyskin Tattoo

7. F Train

8. Million

9. Final Thoughts and the Last Day on Earth

10. Mood Song

Morning Orbit (2001)

“This album really was written at dawn. It’s about every idea that can enter your head at dawn. I was more obsessive with this record than any other. I put more pressure on me to make it work. I thought I knew what making it work meant.”

1. How Are You?

2. Too Close to the Sun

3. Black Black Heart: “This is about sex and diamonds!”

4. Alone in the Universe

5. Butterfly

6. Joy in Small Places: “It’s a rip from the book God of Small Things. I collaborated with Darrin O’Brien (Snow) on this. He has an amazing singing voice, much more than his rapping. His singing voice is beautiful.

7. A Day in the Life

8. My Way Out

9. Blinded

10. Fast Car: “I’ve always loved Tracy Chapman and I’ve always loved this song. It’s off an album that’s just so well written. It’s a classic record that will always be a classic.

11. Closer

12. Black Black Heart (2.0): “Oh yes! There are just so many multiple versions of this song.”

Hallucinations (2003)

“It’s a reference to ‘Hallucinations.’ You’ll have to listen to the song for me.”
1. Hallucinations

2. I’m Coming Down

3. Numb

4. Time Of Our Lives

5. Devil By My Side

6. Message Home

7. In This Light: “It’s about pure sacrifice for art.”

8. Surfacing

9. Tomorrow Comes

10. Tidal

11. Fearless

12. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next: “Is a Manic Street Preachers’ song. I just love this song. It’s a beautiful song. I had to cover it.”

13. St. Lawrence River (live)

If God Had Curves (2005)

“If God was a woman, maybe the world would be a slightly less intense, aggressive place. It’s the idea, walk don’t run. If we all take a breath, take a step back, we might do better.”

1. Long Goodbye

2. Love Will Save the Day: “We’re all human in the end. If we can break ourselves down to that essence in our minds, we might be better off.”

3. Souring

4. See You Fall

5. Hope (Tell Everyone): “I was inspired by a telephone call made by a son to his father from one of the 9/11 planes.”

6. Everything Is All Right By Me Now

7. Faithless

8. Hey Kids (featuring Tegan Quin)

9. The Wolves

10. Going Home

11. Soldiering

Strange Birds (2007)

“It’s my neighborhood. It’s a melange of people, faces, countries and languages. Strange birds.”

1. The Music: “It’s all those people at four in the morning. Swirling, coming and going. The club kids coming home, the business men going to work.”

2. Brilliant

3. Ugly Is Beautiful: “My take on the world. Sometimes the ugly details in this world are sometimes the most interesting.”

4. So Far Down

5. Spotlight On

6. Science

7. White Flag

8. Happy Endings: “It’s illusionary you know, that we are more than tiny little moments. We constantly build a life in our minds, but it’s a life in our minds. It doesn’t exist beyond this moment. The next moment may or may not exist. We don’t really know. This isn’t dark, just another state of mind.”

9. Life Of Bees

10. Blue

11. Some People Say

David Usher is currently recording a new album due out this fall.

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