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Confessions of a 20-something #3

by Marco Saveriano October 1, 2013
Confessions of a 20-something #3

Let’s get one thing straight: don’t waste time on anybody who thinks they’re too good for pop music. And don’t be ashamed of anything you like.

Over the years, I’ve received a fair share of teasing for the music I listen to. Whether it was Britney Spears or Jedward, people always had something to say about it. One of the biggest problems people have is with liking anything that would be labeled “teeny bopper.” One Direction, Demi Lovato, or any other musical act associated with Disney are apparently off limits once you turn 16, and I never quite understood why.

If I’m being honest, my music tastes have basically not changed since I was about six-years-old. I may be an adult now, but that doesn’t mean my taste in music has to change completely.

In March of last year, One Direction made a stop at Musique Plus for an interview and performance. Streets had to be shut down because of the outrageous number of people outside the studio. My friends and I were part of that crazy crowd—I even skipped class to be there. The average age of the crowd was about 14-years-old. Meanwhile, my friends and I, for the most part, were over 18.

Please explain to me why we got more dirty looks than the other fans? Why should it matter that we’re older? We’re fans of One Direction too, and we were desperate to see them just like everybody else. For the next few days, whenever I mentioned to anyone that I had been there, they would laugh at me. Would it have been OK if I had been waiting outside for hours for a “cooler” band?

If you did a poll of what random people on the street were listening to, I guarantee you a lot of them would be too embarrassed to tell you. They would say it was their “guilty pleasure.”  I’ve decided to stop using that term because you shouldn’t feel guilty for liking any song. If it makes you feel good, and makes you want to dance around your room singing at the top of your lungs, no one should stop you.

Whether you’re listening to Taylor Swift or Arcade Fire, Selena Gomez or The Rolling Stones, embrace it. This is what makes you who you are, what sets you apart from everybody else. Individuality is a beautiful thing, don’t be ashamed. The content of somebody’s iTunes library does not give you the right to look down on them.

“Aren’t you a little old to be listening to that?”

That mentality is getting old.

We shouldn’t be self-conscious about our taste in music. If you like what you hear, that’s all that matters. I spent too long hiding the music on my iPod from prying eyes. Who cares if I have the entire Camp Rock soundtrack? I’m not ashamed! Do you hear that Miley Cyrus song blasting from my headphones? I hope you enjoy it.

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Katy Omlins October 1, 2013 - 22:03

Never understood why there is an upper age limit on music either. You either like something or you don’t. I was loyal to Abba while they were considered un cool by many. I adore Jedward just been to five awesome concerts in a week!

Julietannb October 2, 2013 - 02:00

At nearly 50 I have just returned home from seeing Jedward on 5 dates of their UK tour, and I’ve danced and enjoyed myself no end! It’s sad to think people would deny themselves that pleasure because they feel they’re too old to have fun!


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