Music in the News – Oct. 8, 2013

The Doors release rare footage on DVD

Great news for fans of The Doors: the band is releasing never-before-seen footage in their new archival DVD, R-Evolution, set to come out this December. Fans will get the chance to see early unreleased TV appearances alongside commentary from band members John Densmore, Robby Krieger and the late Ray Manzarek. We’ll also get a glimpse of exclusive outtakes from the L.A band’s appearance on the ‘60s American variety TV show, Malibu U, all the while watching the band break through the limitations of their era and rise to fame.


First Beatles movie to earn rights for the use of original songs

Producer of acclaimed films American Beauty and Milk, Bruce Cohen takes on a challenge in producing, The Fifth Beatle, a motion picture that will depict the life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Not only is this a first-time portrayal of Epstein on the big screen, but also a first in acquiring the rights to play the band’s original music. Cohen will be teaming up with Tony award-winner Vivek J. Tiwary (Addam’s Family, American Idiot) in telling the story of the record store owner who discovered The Beatles and introduced them to the rest of the world. Tiwary spent years invested in this story, and feels that “it’s a true labor of love” to be involved in this project. Production of the film is set to start in 2014, allowing Beatlemania to resurface once more.


New award show: YouTube Music Awards

Award show fanatics will have yet another award show to get excited about, the YouTube Music Awards. Hosted by actor Jason Schwartzman of Rushmore and Slackers, this 90-minute live event will feature performances by Lady Gaga, Eminem and Arcade Fire, all artists who share highly viewed videos on this creative platform. Filmmaker Spike Jonze will be the creative director behind the event and is excited to bring forth an “unconventional” award show. The awards are separated into six categories — only to be revealed later in October — where the winner will be decided solely based on viewers’ choice. The event will also focus on creating live videos throughout the show, “so that the experience becomes more about creating than presenting” says YouTube’s vice president of marketing, Danielle Tiedt. The show takes place in New York at Pier 36 on Nov. 3.

Badfinger hit reaches iTunes Top 20 after Breaking Bad series finale

Vince Gilligan, writer and director of the final episode of Breaking Bad, cleverly ends the series with Badfinger’s 1972 hit “Baby Blue” in direct reference to the blue crystal meth made by the notorious Walter White. In fetching out this old tune, it brought the song back to the Billboard charts, selling 5,000 downloads on finale night alone and remaining on iTunes Top 25 for two days after that. The band dealt with the tragic loss of two of its band members who committed suicide, and its success in the finale gives “a chance to have some new life breathed into their song,” says the show’s music supervisor Thomas Golubic. “I hope this is a nice smile that brings Badfinger back into public light. It’s a wonderful, wonderful song.” The song is well on its way in doing so, shown by an increase in sales of 3000 per cent.


Second annual CBGB Music and Film festival takes over Times Square

CBGB will be hosting its second music and film festival in New York City’s Times Square. My Morning Jacket, Grizzly Bear, and The Wallflowers are among the two-dozen bands scheduled to perform at this free event. Filled with fun activities, concertgoers will have a chance to stuff their faces in a pizza-eating contest, attend a record fair or skate along a half-pipe. For the film festival, over 60 films will be featured including director Randall Miller’s new movie CBGB about owner Hilly Kristal and the rise of his famous underground club. With 700 live events set to take place, festivities will run from  Oct.9 to 13.


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