Top 10 One-Hit Wonders from the ‘90s/2000s

Grab your Walkmans, crack open that old yearbook and prepare for a not so glamorous trip down memory lane. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the finest list of nostalgia-fueled one-hit wonders from the ‘90s and 2000s. Whether you were five or 15 when these tracks came out, we’re sure you will recognize these hits, whether you’d like to remember them or not.

10.  “I’m Too Sexy” – Right said Fred (1992)

We kick off the list with the all-time favourite British pop group of, well, no one ever. This track got so many bad ratings it placed 19th on Blender’s 50 Worst Songs Ever list. The over zealous narcissistic track must have been doing something right though; it held second place in the UK charts for six weeks.

9. “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-a-lot (1992)

Moving swiftly from the all time worst to one of the greatest hip hop songs of all time according to VH1, we give you everyone’s favourite “big butts” song. This track was the second best selling song after Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” in 1992. You other brothers can’t deny, that you’ve definitely sang this one well into present day. Classic.

8. “Whoomp! (There It Is)” – Tag Team (1993)

This next one stuck at number two on the US charts for seven weeks. Even after it disappeared off the charts, it became the go-to sporting event theme chant, featured in one too many football movies after its release. The Miami group Tag Team is definitely worth remembering.

7. “What Is Love” – Haddaway (1993)

Ranking second in the UK and in Germany and at number one for weeks on the international charts, this eurodance single is definitely a karaoke favorite. Featuring sampled vocals from Zero-G DataFile, safe to say most of us still have the tune stuck in our heads.

6. “Macarena” – Los Del Rio (1995)

This Spanish track was actually released in 1994, but did not receive recognition internationally until it broke onto the charts one year later. The song ranks number seven on Billboard’s All Time Top 100, and reasonably so: we all know the dance, no lying.

5. “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” – Eiffel 65 (1999)

From strange dances to strange Italian blue men, we bring you one of the most prominent songs of our generation’s youth. The song went as far to receive a Grammy for Best Dance Recording several years later in 2001.

4. “Thong Song” – Sisqo (1999)

Earning four Grammy nominations, the “Thong Song” remains one of the most controversial of its time. Encouraging thongs peeking over pants, Sisqo set the standard for thong pride. This song remained number 2 on Billboard’s Top 100 for that same year.

3. “Crazy” – Gnarls Barkley(2006)

This collaboration between Cee Lo Green and producer Danger Mouse rocked the charts internationally, almost topping the list at number two in 2006. After endless plays on the radio, the song disappeared just as quickly as the collaboration. Although both Cee Lo and Danger Mouse have stuck around,Gnarls Barkley is long gone.

2. “Here In Your Arms” – Hellogoodbye (2006)

Hellogoodbye was the epitome of cheesy pop in the mid 2000s. This synth based track was so popular it was later remixed by Daft Punk in a cover titled, “Digital Love”.

1.”This Is Why I’m Hot” – Mims (2007)

Topping the charts at number one on the US Billboard hot 100 is none other than rap one-hit wonder extraordinaire, Mims. This R&B track featured samples from artists like Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg (before he became Snoop Lion), and Mobb Deep. Soon after its release, it was remixed several different ways by other R&B artists.

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