Justin Bieber—Purpose

Justin Bieber—Purpose (Def Jam, 2015)

Purpose makes one thing clear—Bieber is sorry. The album is one big apology, confessing his mistakes and his growth due to them. There’s something to be said about the experimentation on Purpose. Perhaps it’s due to Skrillex’s influence as a producer, but the album takes mainstream R&B and brings clattering trap hi-hats and warm electronic beats into the mix. There are softer moments where Bieber’s voice takes centre stage, as in the standout track “Love Yourself.” Purpose showcases an honesty in Bieber’s vocal delivery, taking a few steps away from the generic pop he’s become synonymous with. Bieber skeptics, give this one a shot—some tracks might grow on you, even if it takes a while.

Trial Track: “Love Yourself”

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