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The Garden – Haha

by Mia Pearson November 3, 2015
The Garden – Haha

The Garden – Haha (Burger/Epitaph; 2015)

From odes to objects to plastering fresh faces on creatures they’ve imagined, Haha is less of an album and more of a series of brief, impromptu sonic art pieces. In their self-described mindset called “Vada Vada”, songwriters Wyatt and Fletcher Shears experiment in their playground of creative anarchy. The duo could be described as post-punk, but that’d go against “Vada Vada” values; instead, the minimalist instruments (only a bass and drums), the pre-recorded sounds that range from creepy to corny, and the twins’ impulsive lyrics turn the sound into a vibrant potpourri. Touching on Dadaism, their lyrics balance disinterest and wild catchiness. The vocals on “This Could Build us a Home” would suit a motel’s basement rec room, but, really, Haha could make a home for itself anywhere. Under the veil of “Vada Vada”, The Garden exists everywhere.

Trial track: “We Be Grindin”


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