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Keaton Henson – Kindly Now

by Sandra Hercegova September 27, 2016
Keaton Henson – Kindly Now

Keaton Henson – Kindly Now (Play It Again Sam, 2016)

The album opens with “March,” a track with slow vocals that then escalates. As the song continues, it adds on beautiful violin riffs. It definitely makes a strong impression as the first song on the album. “Alright” features smooth piano playing that is soft and sad. Meanwhile, the song’s lyrics have emotions coming out of every syllable. It is quite a tearjerker. This album will remind listeners of James Blunt’s music—it’s soulfully sad, yet beautiful at the same time. The album places great emphasis on instrumentation. A lot of violins are featured in “No Witnesses,” which has a classical music feel to it. Kindly Now is the album you listen to when you need to cry and get emotions out of your system. It is a heartbreak album. But no matter what mood you’re in, you can’t deny Keaton Henson’s passionate voice.

Trial Track: “No Witnesses”



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