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Kings of Leon – WALLS

by Sarah Boumedda October 25, 2016
Kings of Leon – WALLS

Kings of Leon – WALLS (RCA Records, 2016)

For their seventh full-length release, rock band Kings of Leon brings forward an interesting album that incorporates both their signature alternative sound and a certain refreshing indie-pop touch. WALLS, an acronym for “We Are Like Love Songs,” is a lot like your typical Kings of Leon album. You’ll find many rock tunes that flow well together, with prominent guitars and a catchy beat, but this time, you’ll also hear many songs that have more of an ambient, intricate sound. “Muchacho” is a perfect example of that—the ballad is slow and possesses an arrangement that is not often heard from Kings of Leon, and yet it works incredibly well for them. Although I would have liked to hear more of these new, versatile tracks, WALLS remains a good piece of music overall, and will leave you curious about what more can come out of this band’s music.

Trial track: “Around the World”



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