Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life

Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life (ANTI-, 2017)

This Canadian alternative rock band will get you all fired up with their opening tack, “Near to the Wild Heart of Life.” Their high-energy guitar riffs and vocals will lighten the mood as they sing, “So I left my home and all I have, I use to be good but now I’m bad.” Their sound is reminiscent of the nostalgic, smooth rock songs that used to play on the radio in the late 90s. Their West Coast flavour can be heard in their track “North East South West,” as they sing about Western Canada being their home. You might have heard similar alternative songs, but Japandroids prove classic alternative rock never gets old. Their track “I’m Sorry (For Not Finding you Sooner)” combines upbeat ballads with an emotional tone of vocals singing: “I’ve been looking for you my whole life.” The song has a beautiful intimate side to it, although it still makes you want to blast the volume and dance around. It’s a great album for a long drive, preferably somewhere sunny that will take you on the road Near to the Wild Heart of Life.

Trial Track: “I’m Sorry (For Not Finding you Sooner)”

Score: 7.5/10

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