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Peter Silberman – Impermanence

by Sandra Hercegova March 14, 2017
Peter Silberman – Impermanence

Peter Silberman – Impermanence  (Anti- Records, 2017)

Peter Silberman is the frontman of alternative-rock band The Antlers, and Impermanence is his first solo record. The album opens with “Karuna,” where Silberman sings straight from his heart and soul: “disassembling, piece by piece, deteriorating, decayed, decreased.” He sings about hope and wanting to heal. The track has subtle guitar sounds and intriguing pauses of silence, along with Silberman’s delicate voice. In “New York,” Silberman’s voice is beautifully soft-spoken and sad. His vocals and the song style on this album are reminiscent of singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley. “Maya” is a light love song, one that could be sung perfectly under the moon and stars. In “Ahimsa,” you get a sense of peace through the instrumentation, as birds chirp in the background while Silberman sings, “no violence today.” Impermanence is an odyssey that will put you in touch with your emotions. It is sad, genuine, yet comforting to listen to. A great playlist to let your mind wander.

Trial Track: “Karuna”

Rating: 9/10



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