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Call Super – Apro

by Hussain Almahr November 14, 2017
Call Super – Apro

Call Super – Apro (Houndstooth, 2017)

Electronic artist Call Super has come out with a stellar sophomore album, Apro, which mixes ambient electronic textures and creative beats. The album exudes love and joy, making it a relaxing listen. Tracks are layered with dense sounds, from bells to white noise. “Music Stand” sounds uniquely upbeat, combining several disparate sounds to compose a surprisingly cohesive track. “Trockel” features a driving beat while echoed synths wail in the background, creating emotionally resonant sounds. At certain points, some of the sounds reminiscent of Aphex Twin and composer Nobukazu Takemura. Nonetheless, Call Super retains a unique sound throughout. This album is definitely a worthwhile listen for electronic music fans.

Sample track: “Music Stand”

Rating: 7.7/10

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