Concordia students plan the future of new student building

The CSU held a town hall to discuss what to do with the new building they bought

Community fridge, meeting rooms and open spaces: those were some of the many ideas the Concordia Student Union (CSU) and other student groups discussed at the town hall Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Unlike many other universities in North America, Concordia did not have its own official student building — until now. Bought in Winter 2022, the new student building will see its renovations start in Jan. 2024 after students agree on how they envision it being constructed. 

This town hall invited students and community members to take part in a small group discussion around a table filled with possible sketches of the new building. After this consultation process, the CSU will share a report on the different possibilities the building could offer students.

Located just across the Hall Building on Bishop Street, the new student building will help foster an even stronger student community, according to CSU sustainability coordinator Sean Levis. “It’s important for us that students are consulted in the planning process for what is going to be a part of the building.” 

After more than 20 years of raising funds, the CSU is now in a consultation process to find out how to make this new building an active and collaborative space. The student groups discussed the possibility of open spaces, a greenhouse, kitchen, and even showers for the brave souls biking to school.

Student groups attended the town hall to take part in the discussion. “This is a real important building. It is going to be a focal point on campus for years and years, centuries actually,” said Donald Armstrong, one of the collective members of Le Frigo Vert. 

Student groups asked students to have their voices heard and express their needs to make this future building their own. “You come to university to get a degree, but also to meet people, develop as a person and find what you are passionate about, and I think a lot of the groups sitting here today really represent that,” said Angelica Calcagnile, the president of the Concordia Student Broadcast Corporation.  

The CSU invites students to take part in the next annual general meeting in April to vote on the report gathered by the CSU and the student groups. 

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