Project 2025, the dystopian political agenda you need to know about

Graphic by James Fay @jamesfaydraws

As the United States elections draw closer, the right-wing has a plan up its sleeve to undermine democracy and backtrack the country by decades.

The American political landscape is grim. As an American watching her country become increasingly more and more divided, unravelling into policy-making mayhem, I can’t help but worry for the safety and wellbeing of my family in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Even though I voted for him in 2020, I’m worried about Biden’s ability to govern for another four years. Donald Trump currently has a significant lead in the polls, and it looks like he’ll become   the Republican Party nominee for the 2024 election. To me, voting for Trump is out of the question. So, I toyed with the option of not voting in the next election. But since I was told about Project 2025, I think every American needs to go to the polls and vote for Biden to prevent this horrific vision from becoming reality. 

If Trump is elected into office, I think Project 2025’s manifesto will become his main handbook. He’ll sign off on the majority of its proposals and will reverse the progress that the United States has made by decades. 

Project 2025’s 920-page manifesto Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise is spearheaded by the right-wing organisation The Heritage Foundation which aims to “unite the conservative movement and the American people against the elite rule and woke culture warriors.” Its goal, backed by several dozen right-wing think-tanks, is to establish a stand-by government that will be ready to implement their ideas and power on day one of the next Republican president’s administration. 

In a nutshell, their goal is to return to fundamentalist traditional values. They intend to bring back the “picturesque” 1950s nuclear family as the centrepiece of American life, dismantle the administrative state, and return the country to a self-governance state. They want to further the definition of Article II, which establishes the power of the Executive Branch of the government, meaning they would implement the unitary executive theory that would give the president exclusive power. This could override congressional and judicial review and grant the president more power than ever before.

Their desire to turn back the clock on LGBTQ+ and women’s rights by more than half a century includes proposed policies such as making it criminal to even help someone get an abortion, stating a “robust agenda to protect the fundamental right to life, protect conscience rights, and uphold bodily integrity rooted in biological realities, not ideology.” 

Another notion of theirs is to “maintain a biblically based, social science-reinforced definition of marriage and family,” essentially making all LGBTQ+ marriage invalid. This, along with heavy Evangelical Christian ideals presented throughout the manifesto, starts to sound like a watered-down version of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. If you want to know more, I highly recommend YouTuber Leeja Miller. She breaks down their entire plan, and it’s terrifying.

Trump’s base will be Project 2025’s secret weapon. Trump’s Make America Great Again  (MAGA) movement has been identified by scholars as a quasi-New Religious Movement—a kinder way of saying it’s a cult. Project 2025’s initiative aligns perfectly with his fear mongering strategy which states, “The federal government is a behemoth, weaponized against American citizens and conservative values, with freedom and liberty under siege as never before.” 

Trump’s rhetoric preys on the middle class by telling them the answers they desperately want to hear, which has indoctrinated people so deeply that their undying loyalty to Trump will deploy them in droves to the polls. 

The U.S. is so divided, but the least we can do is to try to prevent the Great American Experiment from falling into a religious-based fascist dictatorship. Awareness of Project 2025 needs to be mainstream. It isn’t getting the media attention it deserves because people think it’s too fringe. But wasn’t the idea of Trump becoming president of the United States fringe at one point? 

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