Dive into summer with these five easy reads

Graphic by Maddy Schmidt

There is nothing better than sitting by the pool with a cold drink, sunshine and a good book.

With the semester slowly coming to a close and the summer heat (hopefully) approaching, readers are looking for fluffy romances to ease their minds after the stressful school year. 

While rifling through the romance section and summer tables at Indigo, I compiled recommendations ranging from coming-of-age to fluffy romances—there’s truly a book for everyone!

Now what doesn’t scream summer like a romance by the lake? Every Summer After by Canadian author Carley Fortune is the perfect book to sit by the pool with. Persephone spent every summer lounging by the lake gazing at Sam, but after one mistake that ruined everything, she hasn’t returned in 10 years. When she receives a call prompting her to go back home, it’s her chance to make things right. Told over the span of six years and one weekend in the present, Every Summer After is a dazzling romance highlighting themes of teenage regret and everlasting love. 

Visiting Cape Cod this summer? Do I have the book for you. Elle Bishop is a 50-year-old woman happily settled with her husband Peter. But after being reunited with Jonah, her childhood best friend whom she spent every summer running around the cabin with, she must decide if she is happy in the life she has chosen or is ready to go back in time. A Reese’s Book Club pick, The Paper Palace is a coming-of-age story that jumps from past to present and will have you hooked the moment you crack the cover. 

Reading Malibu Rising almost convinced me to buy a surfboard and join four famous siblings on their next surf trip (unfortunately, that was unrealistic). Set in 1983, the four Riva siblings are getting ready to host their annual party at their sister Nina’s mansion. Over the course of one evening, secrets will be told and relationships ruined, making it a night they will never forget. By morning, the house will be burnt to the ground. Taylor Jenkins Reid paints an unforgettable story highlighting the consequences that come with family dynamics and unwanted fame. 

Lizzy Dent’s laugh-out-loud rom-com The Summer Job is the perfect combination for lovers of both Beach Read by Emily Henry and the movie The Holiday. Have you ever wanted to be someone else just for the summer? When her best friend Heather runs off to Italy to find love, destitute Birdy takes Heather’s job at a world-class hotel in the Scottish Highlands and pretends to be her wine-expert friend. The problem is, she hasn’t told Heather, and she knows nothing about wine. The Summer Job is a hilarious tale with a hint of romance centred around a woman on a quest to find herself, even in the strangest of circumstances.

It wouldn’t be a summer book recommendation list without the mention of Emily Henry now would it? Harriet and Wyn broke up months ago, but with their yearly getaway accompanied by all their best friends just around the corner, they make a pact to pretend to be together. After years of dating, how hard could it be? Shifting away from Emily Henry’s usual grumpy/sunshine tropes, Happy Place presents readers with an unconventional romance featuring fake dating and second chance romance tropes, a story that will pull at any reader’s heartstrings. 

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