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CSU special meeting produces few results

Councillors Sabrina D’Ambra, Iain Meyer-Macaulay and Nadine Atallah called for the meeting on March 17. It was held with the intent of calling a general assembly to take place March 22, before the emergence of the GA petition filed later that week, and announcement that the university would be closed that day.
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CSU exec accused of not being a student

The current student status of Concordia Student Union vice-president advocacy Morgan Pudwell was questioned last week, leading to a report issued by Chair Nick Cuillerier. The report stated that two unidentified members of either council, the executive or the judicial board were not registered students according to the Dean of Students’ office, but the names are not being divulged just yet.

First CSU debate attracts few students

Each of the A Better Concordia and Concordia Could Be affiliation candidates for president, VP external, VP sustainability and VP internal and clubs were gathered on the 7th floor of the Hall building to present their campaign platforms and answer students’ questions and concerns.
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Candidates revealed for CSU elections

Out of the 40 candidates running in the Concordia Student Union elections who were invited to an information meeting on the evening of March 4, only three showed up.The two candidates running for CSU president, current CSU councillor Melanie Hotchkiss and Arts and Science Federation of Associations VP internal Schubert Laforest — who are each leading an affiliation of candidates running for executive positions — were not present.