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Spotlight on Liza Isakov

by The Concordian October 1, 2019
Spotlight on Liza Isakov

Liza Isakov, 4th year Studio Arts

Liza Isakov is an emerging artist based in Montreal, creating works on paper. Her expressive practice draws inspiration from everyday objects and observations – the process of gathering items, imagery, textiles, and loose sketches forms the delicate manner of her work.

Originally from Russia, Isakov was raised in Israel, later moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and now lives in Montreal. Moving from one place to another helps her practice grow and evolve by creating new connections and finding new ways to challenge herself. Her work has been exhibited around Winnipeg and Montreal, both in solo and group shows with fellow students and artists. She is currently in her fourth year at Concordia University, majoring in Studio Arts.

Her work often notes everyday life moments, a sense of belonging, and the natural world. Coloured pencils and paper are her medium of choice. The coloured pencils help capture the delicate mark making and everyday life in the simplest way possible.

In addition to drawing and painting, Izakov works in collage and embroidery. Her most recent collection of embroidered t-shirts can be purchased on her website, lizaisakov.com, and at Ex-Voto, a sustainable fashion boutique in the Mile End.

You can spot Izakov curating for the Festival de Nouveau Cinema: Spotlight on Concordia Fine Arts, and various pop-up exhibitions in restaurants and bistros around the city. 

With files from Liza Isakov.


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