Why does it always ‘rain’ on Metropolis?

In answer to the question why their album was called “The Invisible Band,” lead man Francis Healy, of Travis responded by saying it was because everything they love is invisible, love is invisible and music is invisible, you can’t see it but you can feel it.
This was exactly the case last Saturday night as the Scottish quartet played to a packed crowd at the Metropolis.
Spectators saw a great show and felt a true energetic vibe bouncing from wall to wall the whole night.
To open the show was Alabama’s Remy Zero. The fivesome has been touring and recording with Travis for the past three years.
The band came out and played a 10 song set in what they call their favorite North American city to support their new album “The Golden Hum”.
The lead singer guzzled his champagne in between songs while trying to get the crowd to scream as loud as they could on the count of three. They performed their job perfectly getting the crowd right into the mood with their traditional rock style and Bono-like vocals.
Once Remy Zero left the stage the crowd started chanting “Travis” in eager anticipation of what was to come.
When Travis finally took the stage the room was filled with electricity as they broke out their hit single “Sing.” The group continued the set playing all their greatest hits off their three albums.
They even got the crowd to sing-along to “Why Does It Always Rain On Me.” Healy introduced the song “Side” with a little speech about what’s currently going on in the world between Afghanistan and The U.S. by asking why everyone can’t just get along.
“Everyone is alike, we all shit, we all eat, we all love, we all die, and we all love music. It’s too bad that it’s a human trait to have differences.”
Before the encore, the band came out stating that their tour manger loved the crowd.
They then finished off with three more songs including a beautiful cover of David Bowie’s “All The Young Dudes.”
The band thought it was a shame to leave the stage at the end of the show as they didn’t want to abandon such a great crowd. We can all look forward to seeing Travis live in concert next Spring.

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