The new look of Reggie’s

After a long evening class I always find myself looking for a place to go where I can just relax and not think about any of the million things going on in my head.
Last Wednesday I stumbled across this little bar, not to far from the downtown campus. What primarily attracted my attention was the rich sound of jazz pouring out from the doors.
I decided to venture into this place to see what it had to offer When I walked in I felt as though I was walking into an authentic Chicago jazz lounge.
Lights, dimly lit, hang from the ceiling. Smoke lingers over the tables and booths that are filled with onlookers; some who listen to the music and others who converse with friends around them.
When I sat down to take in the atmosphere I was pleased with the new look of Reggie’s. The walls have been repainted and display more of Concordia’s fine talent with fresh, new artwork from various students.
When you approach the bar you feel like you are ordering a drink at a trendy St. Laurent club, except that the prices are affordable. The old, worn tables and chairs have been stylishly replaced to fit the aesthetic of the new interior. The quality of the music is incredible and the play list ranged from styles of Bossanova to Latino to Standard Jazz.
The host band consisted of three members, all of whom were from Concordia’s music department. Marcel was playing the guitar, Jeff was on drums and Jared was on bass. They don’t have a name and describe themselves as the regulars of the music department who play every Wednesday night.
This particular night they had a guest violinist, Jay, who also plays the keys. Similar to last year, every Wednesday night Reggie’s is home to a group of talented Concordia jazz musicians who host an open mic which follows after an hour and a half jazz set.
The host band starts at approximately 9:00 p.m. and continues until around 10:30 p.m. Soon after the mic is open for students of all backgrounds to get up and show off their talent. The great thing about Reggie’s is that it is situated in a convenient location for after class drinks and enjoyment, on the second floor of the Hall Building at the downtown campus.
A Wednesday evening at Reggie’s is time well spent. Why not experience campus life by hanging out with friends and supporting your fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere provided by Reggie’s?


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