Balancing act busies boy band member

Among the many talented singers performing at the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) Variety Show last Thursday was Peter Schiefke, Pop band singer of the group Inmotion and VP Finance of ASFA.

“Shows are definitely my favourite part of the whole business and what I look forward to the most,” says Schiefke. “It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about the experience you share as a group. We were fortunate to have recorded an album, gone on tour, and performed in front of tens of thousands of fans,” he says.

A year has passed since Inmotion released their first self-titled CD and gained recognition for their number one single “Sauve-Moi,” which was a hit on the Quebec Francophone Pop charts. They are scheduled to release their third single “Ou, Quand, Comment,” co-written by Schiefke on Feb. 20. Even though Schiefke was the last member to audition for the band in October 2000, he quickly became popular with the fans. “Peter was the total package we were looking for, because he had great vocal harmony and lots of energy,” says group member Kashif Khan.

Despite his hectic band schedule, Schiefke manages to balance a full course load and play a significant role in university life. His persistence was a key factor in pulling off the 2002 We Will Always Remember project. As executive director and creator, Schiefke developed the idea for a 44-by-22 metre Canadian flag signed by students from across Canada. For his efforts, he became the youngest recipient of the Veterans Affairs Commendation. “You would be surprised what can happen if you send over a proposal and then call to find out if they looked it over,” he explains. “If you are really passionate and confident about a project, then somebody is bound to share your vision.”

Currently enrolled as a third-year student in political science and religion, Schiefke hopes to one day follow a career in politics. His background has played a considerable role in his pursuit of artistic expression and political participation. Born on April 13, 1979 in Montreal, Schiefke was raised in a single parent home with little money. He believes the Canadian social system needs to be restored as it has worsened over the past few years. “The reason I would like to go into politics is because I’ve seen the social values I’ve grown up with decompose,” he explains.

As VP Finance of ASFA, Schiefke has helped organize several events such as the arts and science FROSH and orientation activities. He is currently organizing the first arts and science trip to New York City on Feb. 25. The trip will give students the opportunity to tour the United Nations head office, The Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. He is confident that trips such as these will be a great learning experience and give students a wider perspective of the world.

“Peter is very passionate towards his work and always put students first. I see him work at the ASFA office long hours even though he looks really tired,” says Colleen Ryan, VP administration of ASFA.

Although time constraints can make it difficult to find a perfect balance between performing, representing students and doing well at school, Schiefke still hopes that the band will continue to make music for the next few years.


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