Local fashion line attracts Halle Berry

Second’s uniqueness and personal flare adds a new layer to Montreal fashion. The clothing line’s owner/designer, Eric Wazana, was left speechless after receiving a standing ovation at this year’s Montreal Fashion Week.

“I would definitely buy these clothes. The colours and cuts are so different, I really liked it,” said Kenia Dolcine, one of the fashion spectators. She was not the only one who enjoyed the show in its entirety. Since last year, Second’s sales have increased, and buyers cannot have enough. “I think everything went well, I’ll give better judgment once I see the footage.

I think the buyers liked it, and that’s what counts”, said Wazana, who started designing in 1996.

After graduating with an accounting degree, he realized numbers and tailored suits were not his thing.

He decided to embark into a world of colours, patterns, and style. At age 24 Wazana moved to Florida, where he opened up a few retail shops along the beach. After only a couple of months abroad, Wazana returned to Montreal, where he decided to focus on the club scene.

There is absolutely no doubt that Montrealers know how to party, and of course, they have to look good doing it.

Two years ago, Second focused primarily on high-fashion jeans and t-shirts, ranging in price from $150 to $200. However, they have been going through a fashionable transformation, by adding new fabrics and colours to their collection. According to Wazana, the hardest part about designing women’s fashion is trying to keep up with the newest trends and elongating the life span of a current style.

He believes women are more marketable because men only go shopping once a year, and if you miss that window of opportunity, than it’s over. Wazana is constantly trying to re-invent himself and what his company has to offer.

He aims to design a wardrobe for a buyer’s lifestyle, in order to exemplify their personality and uniqueness.

He knows that his company is still relatively small, but he is confident with Second’s stature. He thinks bigger companies “are not as flexible as we are”, and believes his company’s small size is more beneficial than detrimental. It is true these companies have the capacity to produce larger amounts of merchandise. However, Eric believes that Second “can move more quickly and adapt to the constant mobility in the fashion industry.”

Second might not be as well-known as Miss Sixty, or Buffalo jeans, but they are definitely on their way to super-stardom.

Brand names no longer seem to be the main concern among young shoppers, and hipsters.

Wazana must be doing something right, because he is starting to see more and more of his logo plastered across the derrieres of fashion-suave adolescent girls. Second’s unique blend of style and originality have also caught the eye of celebrities, such as Halle Berry.

She bought two pairs of the designer’s jeans when she was in town filming a movie.

The concept behind fashion is individuality, and Second is trying to find the perfect balance between price, product, quality, and fit.


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