Just Like Heaven

Workaholic Elizabeth Masterson was living a life void of fun. Day after day, she devoted herself to her work. As a nurse, she took pride in saving lives as an everyday task. But when a tragic accident renders her a spirit, she is forced to look back at her life.

As she goes back home, Elizabeth meets David Abbott, a lonely architect who is now renting Elizabeth’s vacant apartment. She wants him out. He wants her out. They must now find a way to cohabittate, and find the reason why David seems to be the only one aware of Elizabeth’s presence. After exorcisms and psychics fail to send Elizabeth’s bitter ghost to “the other side”, the two unlikely roommates realize they need each other’s help. They will develop a partnership that might deepen into the one thing powerful enough to transcend life and death: love.

Just Like Heaven brings to the silver screen Et Si C’

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