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The prodigal son returns . . . with a hot wife

by Archives November 11, 2008

Le Retour is one hell of a ride.
Created by English playwright and Nobel laureate Harold Pinter in 1965 as The Homecoming, this slice of reality leaves a profound impression on its audience. While the plot doesn’t manage to take the show itself, the exquisite cast elevates the remake, which has been masterfully translated by René Gingras.
Taking their cue from the work of American painter Edward Hopper, the costumes, setting and lighting are nothing short of fine art. Under Yves Desgagnés’s direction, the French version can be billed a masterpiece. The play conveys several messages at once, with sarcastic undertones and situations mirroring domestic themes that speak loudly to all.
The first half is charged with tense family dynamics, jealousy and egocentrism. Max (stage veteran Marcel Sabourin), the house patriarch, lives with his brother Sam (Beno

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