Northern Perspectives : The Northernmost Canadian Tire

Welcome to The Podcast. Cedric Gallant will produce and host this podcast alongside our Section Editors every week. The shows will rotate weekly to cover topics from each section of our newspaper!

This week’s show, Northern Perspectives, was produced by Cedric Gallant. Tune in for future episodes of Northern Perspectives, where Cedric shares exclusive interviews with members of Nunavik’s remote but thriving indigenous community.

In this episode:

For our Northern Perspectives segment this week, Cedric Gallant followed Chris York, Nick York and David Pearson on their adventure salvaging a van engine from Kuujjuaq’s dump, nicknamed the Canadian Tire.

In this story, listeners get a look into Nunavik’s mechanic world, and its unique circumstances. In addition to the podcast is a series of pictures depicting that day, found below.

Thanks for listening, and make sure to tune in next week!

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