SNDCHECK – summer starts early with euphoric techno party

photo courtesy of SNDCHECK

Montreal-based event planners’ first event of the year was a massive success

After months of waiting, Montreal techno fans were out and about for SNDCHECK Montreal’s 11th event and their first of the year at speakeasy Newspeak. SND0011 was a huge success with people pouring in through the nightclub doors late until the evening. 

SNDCHECK is a Montreal-based events company that hosts get-togethers and parties with various DJs and artists from around town. Their slogan, “aventures musicales nomades,” resonates with fans who often buy tickets before they even know where or when the next event will be. 

They cultivate a space where partygoers can feel safe and unjudged. Nobody cares what you look like or what you’re wearing. Nobody can randomly take photos of you. Everyone is just there to dance and have a good time. 

Cédric Comte is a 21-year-old student at HEC Montreal and a co-founder of the company. He’s in charge of the group’s marketing. 

“At SNDCHECK we organize musical adventures that are nomadic, which is to say every event takes place at a new spot. We want to change the events scene in Montreal,” he said. 

During the pandemic, Comte and a few of his friends went two years without going out. During that period, they felt that the world was changing. Comte said the bars and clubs in the city just didn’t do it for them.

“I can’t even remember the amount of times we were being stopped at lines for clubs and being forced to buy bottles. The whole vibe was off. We wanted to create a space catered to client experience and a world where people really get to experience the full party scene.” 

Since 2021, SNDCHECK has held 11 events. Some take place outdoors at places like Mount Royal while others happen inside, like the time they hosted an event at Théâtre Paradoxe, an old church building. What started off as a group of twenty-ish friends quickly became two hundred, and by the end of last summer, SNDCHECK had over a thousand people dancing at Parc Jean-Drapeau. 

One unique quality to SNDCHECK is their “disconnect to reconnect policy.” When walking into the event, every person is required to put a sticker on their phone cameras, and only a small number of staff are allowed to take photos. This, according to Comte, is essential to the SNDCHECK identity and goals as a group. 

“We want people there just for the music. Not to take photos to flex on Instagram or other media. We want people to be there for the energy and joy.” 

When I was at SND0011, it did feel weird to not have my camera available. My first instinct was to reach for my phone and take a few photos. I noticed a lot of people also had the same thought. One girl opened her snapchat to take a picture of the crowd swaying to the DJ only to realize she couldn’t. 

That night’s DJs were the pair Mvngo/Seb Todd, Ludo Lacoste, and Ghetto Birds. SNDCHECK doesn’t reveal who will be performing until you actually arrive at the event, but usually focuses on house and techno. 

According to Comte, that night they had around 350 available spots but it felt like 500. It was amazing to see everybody dancing and chatting. There were no phones to distract anyone but I still couldn’t see more than 2 metres in front of me.

The venue was decorated beautifully. Comte and his team usually arrive a few hours before each show to prepare. This time, they set up old 2000’s TVs and installed projectors behind the artists and in the lounge area. For a place that does not allow photos, it was remarkably beautiful.

The next event will be held April 6, somewhere in the Montreal area. Follow their Instagram to get the full details when they’re revealed. 

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