Honourable music mentions from September

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The Music Editors of The Concordian share their top picks from this month’s releases.

Tabéa’s Picks:

Mitski – The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We

Trial Track: “My Love Mine All Mine”

Released on Sept. 15, Mitski’s seventh studio album features a song that has captured every listener’s heart. This breathtaking track highlights Mitski’s vulnerability and introspection on what she truly possesses in life. Love is the one cohesive element that she feels will always be a part of herself. From self-love to mundane love and the care she has felt thus far, the poignant artist expresses that this love (“mine all mine”) will never be taken from her—as opposed to materialistic items. The lovely and captivating chorus only enhances Mitski’s affirmation of herself and the listener, making the message incredibly emotional. For anyone seeking to feel more grounded and grateful, Mitski’s “My Love Mine All Mine” is the way. 

Cleo Sol – Heaven

Trial Track: “Self”

Smooth like butter, Cleo Sol is back with her third album “Heaven,” released on Sept. 15. From collaborating with rapper Little Simz to being part of the mysterious collective Sault, the British singer has outdone herself with this intimate and warm project perfectly for Fall. While the groovy basslines and piano all across the project are impressive, one must not let it overshadowCleo Sol’s mellow and controlled vocals. The opening track encapsulates self-affirmation—how she’ll never lose herself now and finally show up in the world as her true self without shifting in any ingenuine way. “Self” is gentle and rhythmic with its jazz-based composition making it an ideal listen for any music lover.  

Stefano’s Picks:

Lancey Foux – BACK2DATRAP

Trial Track: “ADHD”

Lancey Foux’s latest project BACK2DATRAP is a unique brand of hip-hop helmed entirely by his frequent collaborator, producer Back2Bally. “ADHD” is the perfect sampler of the mixtape’s sound: powerful bass, catchy melody, and all sorts of percussions rattling in and out while Lancey offers a consistent and charismatic vocal performance. The track is short and sweet, offering a catchy chorus twice plus a verse, all within less than two minutes. Bally’s production and Lancey’s style make for an energetic combo that dominates the entire tracklist without overstaying its welcome (the 12-song project only has a 30-minute runtime). The UK artist continues to prove that he operates in his own lane, with BACK2DATRAP being the latest example.

Doja Cat – Scarlet

Trial Track: “Agora Hills”

Doja Cat’s fourth studio album Scarlet arrived after a controversial rollout where she deliberately attempted to alienate her fanbase, only to notch a number-one hit weeks later. The album is rap-centric, primarily characterized by lyrical boom-bap tracks and melodic rap cuts. However, “Agora Hills”—a dreamy R&B cut—is a clear standout that finds Doja Cat singing softly over a mellow hip-hop beat. Over a twinkly melody and bouncy beat, she serves up a soft, angelic chorus that ranks among the best in her catalogue. It is a smooth, starry track that perfectly serves its narrative of being smitten. The dialogue bits between the verses and chorus are the cherry on top in terms of adding to the song’s pacing and character.


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