Honourable music mentions from October

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The Music Editors of The Concordian share their top picks from the past month’s releases.

Tabéa’s Picks:

Blasé – Pourquoi Blasé?

Trial Track: “Number One”

Based in Paris, France, artist Blasé released his debut EP Pourquoi Blasé? on Oct. 13. Running for 12 minutes, this first EP features two tracks in French and the second half in English. As put on the singer’s Bandcamp profile, his project merges New York disco, British rock, French chanson, hip-hop and indie pop. One of my favourite moments on the 4 track EP is the tune “Number One.” The snappy guitar riffs and warm-sounding bass are the perfect background for Blasé’s voice and lyrics to pop. The catchy melodies accompany Blasé’s realization that he only seeks a certain person and that they’re his number one—and one’s enough. It’s lighthearted and playful while also being very sincere through Blasé’s tone. 

L’Rain – I Killed Your Dog

Trial Track: “New Year’s UnResolution”

On Oct. 13, the Brooklyn native Taja Cheek, under the name L’Rain, presented her third album I Killed Your Dog to the world. The “anti-break-up” record contains pensive and attentive moments. The final track “New Year’s UnResolution” comes off as a mellow but steady and smooth song tackling messages of getting used to no longer being in love. The singer’s lush vocals close the track by repeating, “Will you forget me along the way?” in both a hopeful and despairing tone, accompanied by a rhythmic but dreamy instrumental with faint reverb vocals. L’Rain ends on a vulnerable note but stays rooted in reality and acceptance in order to move on. 

Stefano’s Picks:

Ken Carson – A Great Chaos

Trial Track: “Fighting My Demons”

Released on Oct. 13, Ken Carson’s sophomore album A Great Chaos is his most consistent and exciting project to date. Many tracks on the record are coated with layers of sugary-sweet video-game synths, which give it a melodious and animated vibe. The bass-heavy sound of the rage rap style is equally present, making for an offering of electrifying tracks that are moshpit-ready. This is especially the case with “Fighting My Demons,” which kicks off with an electrifying beat drop and continues to sprinkle additional layers of synths all throughout the track. The song has already blown up on TikTok and is destined to be explosive in a live setting—especially when Carson joins Playboi Carti on the Antagonist Tour later this month.

Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist – VOIR DIRE

Trial Track: “Sirius Blac”
Veteran producer The Alchemist and rapper Earl Sweatshirt released their collaborative album VOIR DIRE at the beginning of the month, on Oct. 6. Sweatshirt comes through with his usual nonchalant and mellow delivery, combining witty wordplay with poignant, introspective affirmations. Alchemist provides a handful of smooth, slow-tempo instrumentals using string, keyboard, and guitar samples. The soundscape is equal parts soothing and entrancing, which perfectly complements Sweatshirt’s contemplative rapping style. “Sirius Blac” is an especially sunny and slow track with bright xylophone notes, whose cadence Sweatshirt matches with the swing of his delivery. On VOIR DIRE, Sweatshirt and The Alchemist craft a concise project that is smooth and hypnotic all throughout.


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