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Album cover of “Heaven Knows” by PinkPantheress. Courtesy of Apple Music.

The Londoner breakout star releases her debut album on Nov. 10.

Victoria Beverly Walker, who uses PinkPantheress as her stage name, is probably the prime example of TikTok propelling up-and-coming artists to fame. With a runtime of 34 minutes and counting 13 tracks, the 22-year-old singer shows the world she isn’t strictly the source of viral TikTok sounds anymore. 

Indeed, PinkPantheress initially crafted songs in her bedroom and posted them online. After one of her videos got half a million likes on TikTok, she decided to release a snippet of her song “Just A Waste.” This action resulted in a quick spread of the audio track all over the app in 2020. Months later, her songs “Pain” and “Break It Off” also became viral, only enhancing her presence and clear grasp of the younger generation on TikTok. 

Since her first time on stage in late 2021 for a short and sweet London venue visit, PinkPantheress has now accumulated a series of live gigs ranging from festivals to a couple of solo shows. However, fans of the artist had expressed disappointment towards her songs being too short to be performed live and her setlist not being extensive at all. 

With Heaven knows, her catalogue broadened. Joined with song features from Rema, Central Cee, Kelela and Ice Spice, the artist also collaborated with producers like Mura Masa, Oscar Scheller (Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama) and Greg Kurstin (Gorillaz, Adele, Foo Fighters). 

Two previously released tracks include the tracks “Mosquito,” and “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” feat. Ice Spice gained huge popularity and got her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. These previews from the album and the rest of the tracklist stay in this very PinkPantheress sound that has grown and developed while keeping her original musical DNA alive. 

Her unique sonic aroma is rooted in the genres of Pop, Jungle, Jersey Club and UK garage in a bubbly Y2K tone mixed with ‘00s R&B. PinkPantheress’s soft voice adds a sweet flair as the cherry on top. 

Notably, the music video for “Nice to meet you” feat. Central Cee is straight out of a 2006 video clip with its bubbly graphics and choreographies. PinkPantheress’ confidence when it comes to her concrete style is consistent all throughout, from the songs’ productions and visuals associated with Heaven knows.

The British singer communicates storylines of love, heartbreak and infatuation throughout this anticipated debut album. Some of my highlights from the album are the witty hook from Rema on the opening track “Another life,” the catchy and warm production of “Mosquito,” as well as Kelela and PinkPantheress singing the lyrics “I almost fell in love, but I couldn’t tell you” subsequently after the other on “Bury me.” 

Heaven knows is a solid and tender collection of what people know and love about PinkPantheress. It also throws away the preconceived notion that PinkPantheress is only a viral TikTok sound maker. As her audience, we get to experience, both sonically and visually, how she is blossoming. The success she built in appropriating her sound that made her popular on social media is now fully owned wholeheartedly in a cohesive manner. 

Score: 7.5/10

Trial Track: Mosquito


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