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The Aude Couture Series:

by Archives February 14, 2007

Every society has its sets of rules and values. The society in which we live requires us to wear clothes whenever we found ourselves in public spaces. So unless you are a nudist living at La Pomme-Poire, clothing is an integral part of your life.

Why then do people have such a troubled relationship with fashion? Why is fashion so scary to some? Perhaps it is because it is stained with misconceptions. One of the biggest misconceptions is that dressing well is expensive. Such myths are carried by television shows like Sex and the City, where the characters are dressed in the latest designer trends.

While few of us actually have the means to purchase designer items, it is possible to create our own gorgeous styles at a fraction of the price. Here are some useful tips and words of wisdom that will make loving fashion a whole lot easier.

The obvious but very true clich

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