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‘I’d like a cocktail of Joolz, please’

by Belinda Anidjar February 25, 2014
‘I’d like a cocktail of Joolz, please’

A woman’s thirst for jewelry is difficult to quench. One sterling silver watch is never enough, any self-respecting fashionista’s minimum arm candy requirement is three, and one rhinestone ring simply will not suffice.

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Enter Joolz Bar à Bijoux: a trendy new jewelry bar that opened in late-November, located in the heart of Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal. As I stepped through the glass doors, my eyes immediately drifted towards the martini glasses and Louboutin heels dripping with pearls in glass cases behind a leopard-print bar rail. Needless to say, it was jewel heaven — or shall I say, “Jool” heaven.

It was all very Sex and the City and I was Carrie Bradshaw, ordering a Cosmo filled with diamonds and pearls. As I marvelled at the Karl Lagerfeld watches and an array of refined jewelry that adorned the walls, I was greeted by store owner and Joolz creator, Lydia Mamane and sales associate, Alessandra de Geso, both women sporting black Swarovski slake bracelets on their wrists — a Joolz favourite. As we sat down on classy white bar stools, I was offered a glass of champagne, fit for a high-class sophisticate.

“I wanted it to be a reflection of myself, of all my favourite things. I’ve always been a big fan of any accessory that incorporates leopard, hence the leopard bar rail,” said Mamane, explaining her vision behind the tasteful décor.

“I wanted people to feel like they were coming into your bedroom, hence why the wall is in velvet with crystal buttons.”

Velvet with crystal buttons. Don’t those words slip swiftly off the tongue?

With a background in her family’s jewelry business, Mamane has worked in the industry for 23 years, and her love for jewelry — particularly pearls — inspired her to launch a project of her own.

With a sharp eye for trends and an entrepreneurial spirit, Mamane took her prior knowledge from the jewelry business and dove into this new endeavor with a more hip and current concept in mind.

Offering “Fun, fabulous Joolz for today’s fashionista,” the goal was to shy away from traditional impressions of jewelry stores and attract a new fashion forward market.

“I wanted people to come in and get that type of feeling of breaking the stigma that jewelry stores are cold, intimidating, uninviting. That’s why I created the bar concept, where you can sit down, select jewelry to try on, while we offer you a nice Nespresso or a glass of wine,” she said. “These days, you see a nail bar and a hair bar, so why not a jewelry bar?”

Though pearls are her personal favourite, Joolz Bar à Bijoux offers a variety of jewelry to choose from. From Honora luxurious pearls — a Joolz must-have — to elegant Swarovski pieces, this jewelry bar is every classy lady’s fantasy. For the sophisticated diva, the B Couture keepsakes and jewelry will satisfy every craving.

Looking for pieces you’ll want to keep in that jewelry box for a lifetime? Phillip Gavriel, Binah Jewelry, and Sharelli jewelry are all timeless choices. If cool is the number one word in your vocabulary, you can’t go wrong with Hugo Boss, Boss Orange, and Karl Lagerfeld watches. It doesn’t end there. A wide selection of engagement rings for brides-to-be will inspire every woman’s dreams.

As for price, many pieces fall into an affordable price range that lies between $100-$250, and for those with the firm belief that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there are pieces that fall between $500-$2000. No matter your budget, Joolz carries exactly what you seek for an anniversary, a birthday, or simply an indulgence. Can you really ask for more?

When asked about the name of her store, Mamane replied saying that she wanted a name that was both English and French, to suit Quebec laws.

“I see that now with all the social media and texting that people are changing words around. So it’s easy to pronounce and it evokes jewelry,” she said.

With a catchy name like Joolz, regardless of your maternal tongue, you’ll definitely have jewelry on the brain, and in this inviting atmosphere, you’re bound to become an accessories addict if you aren’t already.

According to de Geso, an FGA certified gemologist who has been working alongside Mamane for seven years, Joolz has a bright future ahead of it.

“I love working here,” she said. “I think the product selection is right. The atmosphere is fun and relaxing. It’s an inviting place to shop. I think it will be the new hotspot and I invite everyone to come in and take a look around.”

Last March, fashion designer Michael Kors tweeted that “accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” and that jewelry is the perfect metaphor to describe a woman’s best friend. After all, nothing glistens better against that martini glass than a beautiful rhinestone, right?

So, if you’re a fashionista on the lookout for unique new pieces to add to your collection of jewels, a woman with a taste for beautiful accessories, or even a man seeking a gift for his girlfriend or an edgy new watch, Joolz Bar à Bijoux will ensure that you’re way ahead of the trend. Taking its cue from Swarovski, Joolz predicts a Gold Rush this season, so keep your eyes peeled for some luxurious gold pieces that will have you dropping those martini glasses, hopping into your Louboutins, and making your way towards Joolz Bar à Bijoux.

Visit in-person at 4916 Sherbrooke West.

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