Finding a spot on the side

By Natasha Royko
It is the first day of school you and are driving towards Concordia with the windows rolled down and the music playing. You hope that the day will go well, not knowing the trouble you are about to face when it comes to parking.
The trouble of having to drive around Concordia five times before finding a parking spot is one of the most stressful things, unless you are lucky and find a spot within minutes. Although, when you do find that perfect spot you realize that there is a fire hydrant or you cannot park there between certain hours of the day. So, you must do another five trips around the block.
Finding a parking spot on Loyola campus will be even harder this year, as with the deconstruction of the parking lot running parallel to West Broadway St. This leaves students with only one parking lot, the one directly across from the cafeteria, facing the CC-building.
The best option for students is to park on the side streets around Loyola, thus leaving students with more money in their pockets. Parking on campus costs $3 a day and $2 after 5 p.m. Some of the more popular spots are directly on Sherbrooke St. but if you want a little hint then try turning up or down the side streets running along Sherbrooke St. such as Terrebonne St., Coronation St., Belmore St., West Broadway St. and Westmore St. A little walking never hurt anyone.
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