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Dr. Phil: How to get rid of your BF/GF’s BFF

by Felicia Di Palma March 3, 2009

Your boyfriend is an immature dumb ass who needs to be smacked upside the head, your girlfriend’s constant complaining makes me wish I took notes during last week’s CSI.
These are thoughts that cross many of our minds at one point or another; because we cannot choose who our friends will date. And even if we are the ones who set them up, they will start showing their true-BS-colours at some point.
I ran an unofficial survey to see how many men and women have hated a friend’s partner. Eight out of 10 men had hated a friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend. Five out those eight men did not tell their friends how they felt. “To me, it’s a personal matter,” said Scott Bolger, 20. “Unless someone comes to me, I’m not going to impose my thoughts on others.”
Nine out of 10 women had hated a friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend and six out of the nine have told their friend how they felt. “I used to tell my friend all the time that she could do better and that she deserved better, but sometimes the person is so blinded by love they don’t see what you’re talking about,” said Tania Lucia, 22.
Friends always have their friends’ best interests at heart. But when should we as friends just shut the hell up? When should we let our friends make their own mistakes?
The problem is we don’t want to see our friends get hurt. Guys don’t want to have to deal with having to tell their boy that they don’t see him anymore because his girlfriend is taking up all his time.
What’s the solution to this problem? According to Michael Ciccone, 19, the answer is to have everyone hang out together. “The best remedy for this is to try to incorporate your girlfriend into your friends’ circle so that you hang with your buddies and your girlfriend at the same time.”
Well, no offence Mike, but I firmly believe you still need your friend time and that means no lovers allowed. It’s cool if you want to get your friends and your lover together from time to time. However, you still should hang out with your friends alone. Your friends keep you sane. Guys need to hang out with their friends: play poker, go to a bar, etc. Men and women need to get their stupid out and they can only do that with their friends.
Couples need unbiased outside opinions. Friends can see things that the couple cannot see. They aren’t blinded by love, past actions, family history and once-in-a-blue-moon kinky sex.
“I find a lot of women sell themselves short. They put up with crap and make excuses for the men in their lives. I know girls who have been abused to the point where any person with half a brain would’ve reached their limit and told the guy to fuck off already,” said Rachelle Feldhammer, 20.
I absolutely hate it when people change their personalities once they enter a relationship. “My friend’s girlfriend wanted him to meet her outside the metro and walk her to the club. It was six minutes away! She wanted him wait in line to get his jacket out of coat check so he can go get her, then pay to check his coat again. Ridiculous!” said Bianca David, 19.
So what do you do when you have an “are you kidding me?!” that needs to be said? Say it! What is the point in keeping it in? Take it from me.
For four months, I’ve had an “I hate that you’ve become dependent, quiet and BORING!” that needed to be said to my friend. Her boyfriend is arrogant and always acts like he’s King Shit. He told his girlfriend’s friend that he used to have a thing for her and that he used to check her out. He said this in front of his girlfriend and Madame said nothing. Helen Keller spoke more than she did!
Since I was writing this article, I decided I should follow my own advice. So, I finally told my friend that her personality has changed since she began dating her boyfriend. Instead of being an understanding person or a person who was listening period, she went on the defensive and did not take my concerns seriously. She even said “that’s not a problem; you’re the one making it into a problem.” Could you say slap in the face and mega denial?
Even though she hasn’t spoken to me since, I still believe it’s important to be honest. Impose your thoughts! Your friend has already proved they’re lacking good judgement. It’s time to pretend we’re bald and get our Dr. Phil on.

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