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Are you the next fashion victim?

by The Concordian January 10, 2012
Are you the next fashion victim?

Have you ever witnessed a fashion disaster? Though it’s true that many of the styles we’ve seen in the past are working their ways back to the present and surely the future, there is a limit to what surpasses the social etiquette of what’s “hot” and what’s not.

One of the biggest and probably most common fashion scandals is the over-used and still-seen-today (hopefully by our grandparents) socks with sandals. Even if you’re running to the local drugstore and you think nobody can see you, this frightful wardrobe malfunction is definitely not something you should be caught dead in. The same goes for high heels and white socks – Dorothy can keep those in Kansas.

It’s great to try to explore different styles, especially when it comes to mixing and matching patterns, such as cheetah, leopard or even floral prints but remember – less is more. Animal print is back and more popular than ever, but when you’re trying to camouflage different parts of the jungle leave that to Indiana Jones. Animal prints are playful patterns that convey wealth and status which is probably why people tend to abuse them.

Alex Câmara, fashion marketing student at LaSalle College, is the head stylist and creative director at Graduation en Vogue, a prom-inspired modeling company designed specifically for teenagers aged 16 to 19 who have a passion for fashion.

As far as fashion faux-pas are concerned, Câmara said that “fashion disasters happen all the time. People seem to have been getting lazier and lazier as time goes. They forget how beautiful they are naturally and cover themselves up in bedazzled sweatsuits, big boot-like slippers and a plain old nylon bag. It’s sad to see it happen because we should all want to look good and seem somewhat presentable. No one should feel forced to get ready, just get up and do it already!”

Big bold accessories are always a major must-have. It’s always good to blend in, but it’s better to blend boldly by spicing up your ensemble with long necklaces and bright bangles, though there is a difference between accessorizing just the right amount and over-accessorizing to the point where your ensemble will look like a fashion statement gone to shreds.

Candia Buonanno, third-year student studying sociology, said that she is a big fan of accessorizing. “I love to add accessories to my outfit, especially if I’m dressed in neutral colors like black or white. I think accessorizing is an important factor when trying to spice up any particular look, but too many colours and way too much jewellery can call for a fashion disaster. You should keep it simple by wearing minimal jewellery and allowing the outfit to do the talking while you’re doing the walking,” said Buonanno.

Sweatpants and heels are a definite error. You’re either going for the sporty look or the posh one, not both spice girls combined into one. You can’t try to combine both cool and casual while sporting sophistication. Speaking of fashion failure combinations, one that is seen very often is wearing Uggs in the summer with short-shorts. Emily Joannisse, third-year international business student at Concordia, agreed that shorts and Uggs create a major wardrobe malfunction. “Don’t get me wrong, I love to wear both shorts and Uggs, but combining the two together calls for a fashion failure in a highly sexualized manner. Any type of boot or footwear that nearly reaches the knee while sporting shorts does not give off a very mannered look despite the comfort they provide.” This Snooki-inspired look may draw a lot of attention, but not for the right reasons.

Brenda Lyttle, a fashion expert who began writing for publications in 2005, suggested a few helpful tips on how to look your best and avoid the unwanted attention of being a fashion victim. Her first tip orbits the infamous “leggings” we see every girl wearing. Although comfort is key when it comes to wearing leggings (not to mention showing off those killer curves), Lyttle suggests that throwing on some denim flatters the lower part of your body even more and doesn’t call as much attention to the junk in your trunk.

The best way to wear leggings, according to Lyttle, is to wear them with a long top. There’s nothing that accentuates the combination of confidence and class more than someone who isn’t trying desperately to show off their assets.

There are no rules when it comes to fashion, clearly, because after all, rules are meant to be broken; however, there are ways to enhance the way one looks by following these simple tips. So if you have a passion for fashion and feel the need to explore different styles, try not to mix and match too many different patterns and most importantly, keep things simple, otherwise, the only handcuffs you’ll be wearing are those from the fashion police.

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