Shake it up at Deville Dinerbar

For months I was told of this new hip restaurant called Deville Dinerbar. Being the sucker for hype that I am, I finally caved and decided to give the place a try. Let me tell you—I was not disappointed. Although the ’50s have been long dead, Deville Dinerbar captures that retro diner quality seen in Pleasantville and adds a little downtown urban feel to it, just so that we don’t feel too out of place!

Situated on Stanley St. between Ste-Catherine St. and De Maisonneuve blvd., Deville Dinerbar offers an immaculate decor amid a classic American diner setting with a chic twist of bright neon pink and an impressive marble bar area. Simply walking past Deville is enough to spark the interest of any passerby as its LED- lit interior inevitably catches the eye. I had no problem finding the place seeing as it is a veritable beacon amongst the surrounding buildings.

Upon entering and being seated, we were handed our menus by a very pleasant hostess. A waiter quickly filled our glasses with water and asked us what we would like to drink. We started with a couple of Red Stripe beers while we admired the interior decor. After the waiter announced the specials, we decided on the fried pickles and crispy mac ’n’ cheese stuffed wont- ons for a starter. We devoured our mouth-watering snacks, perfectly complementing our beers.

When our main dishes arrived, I was delighted to see that their portions were generous to say the least. I ordered the fish and chips on a bun and my girlfriend had their famous cirque burger. Both were reasonably priced below $20 and turned out to be just as delightful.

My fish and chips sandwich was fried to golden crispy perfection and was served com- plete with pickled onions and malt vinegar sauce on the side. I tried some of my girlfriend’s cirque burger, but found it to be a little too sweet because of the bourbon-poached pear. On the whole though—pretty good.

We finished off the evening with their R-rated shakes, a frothy blend of your choice spiked with booze, which once again brought us back to that ‘50s diner atmosphere.

Although Deville Dinerbar has a cool ambi- ance and setting, it is much more than that. The place offers gourmet American diner food with a menu that includes hamburgers, ribs, salads, and a vegan burger for your vegetarian friend. Overall, Deville Dinerbar is a wonderful place to have the diner experience and indulge in a few drinks with friends at their fully stocked bar which includes a selection of cocktails, beers and shakes. Lastly, take note that the place also has a jukebox app available via the net which allows you to request songs and, therefore, further add character to the place by personalizing the ambiance in your own little way.

Deville Dinerbar is located at 1425 Stanley, downtown.To see the menu, consult their website 


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