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2 Sorelle turns gelato into a sister act

by Marco Saveriano September 30, 2014
2 Sorelle turns gelato into a sister act

Some homemade gelato and decadent coffee.

Are you craving authentic Italian gelato and fresh baked goods, or just a cozy place to sit with a cup of coffee while you catch up on your homework? If so, look no further than 2 Sorelle Gelato Café.

Situated on Amherst Street in Montreal’s Gay Village, 2 Sorelle was founded by sisters Cynthia and Jessica Colati this past summer.

The Colati sisters didn’t always dream of opening a gelato shop. Jessica, a buyer for a fashion label, and Cynthia, an accounting clerk for a construction company, were inspired after jokingly brainstorming ways they could be their own bosses and make a lot of money.

“We were coming up with ridiculous ideas,” said Cynthia. “Like, let’s just marry a rich man, or let’s create this insane makeup line.”

Photo by Keith Race.

A few weeks after their conversation, Jessica brought up opening a gelato shop, like their parents always wanted to do. Still thinking her sister was joking, Cynthia told her to look into it, and if it was possible, they could try. After getting together for coffee and going over the numbers, she realized, “Oh my god! We can do this!”

A few months later, 2 Sorelle, Italian for “two sisters,” was brought to life.

With so many gelato shops opening around Montreal as of late, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. For Cynthia, what sets 2 Sorelle apart from the rest is not only their array of unique gelato flavours (like peach bellini, Nutella, lemon granita, and a brand new pumpkin spice flavour), but also their dedication to making sure each customer feels welcome.

So what’s on the menu? Besides their homemade gelato — you’re encouraged to try as many flavours as you want — they also offer fresh gourmet paninis and salads, coffee beverages (including the new Nutella latte), Nutella brownies, cronuts, and a variety of other baked goods.

And for those of us who have some trouble getting through those tough Monday mornings, 2 Sorelle even offers a Monday special with $1 coffees and $2.50 lattes and cappuccinos.

“It felt like your friends were working behind the counter,” frequent client and Concordia student Michael Chaar said. “They would strike up conversations with you, ask you about yourself, and make the experience a rather fun one.”

With its brightly-coloured, cozy environment and abundance of comfort food, 2 Sorelle is the perfect spot for a lazy day or an afternoon study session.

Even though the business is still fresh, Cynthia has her sights set on the future. With hopes of becoming a major gelato distributor in the next two years and opening a second store within the next five, there are no plans to slow down anytime soon.

“We want to build a 2 Sorelle Empire,” she said.

2 Sorelle is located at 1485 Amherst St.

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