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A taste and a sip of Gaspésie in Montreal

by Catherine Dube September 13, 2016
A taste and a sip of Gaspésie in Montreal

Pub Pit Caribou tests the waters in Montreal, opening its doors on Rachel E street

Ever had seaweed chips with rye beer? In Percé, where Pub Pit Caribou originated, this combo is a common snack for many pub-goers. Well-rooted in the Gaspésie community since 2007, the Pub Pit Caribou microbrewery finds passion in offering a unique experience with every beer they craft.

Brewed in Anse-à-Beaufils, a small village situated within the bigger town of Percé, QC, their beer comes in five regular varieties: golden ale, amber ale, white wheat beer, porter and Indian pale ale (IPA). The brewery also crafts a variety of limited edition series, like the Tennessee series, which consists of different beers that are aged in Tenessee whiskey barrels.

Most of the beer selection that the microbrewery offers has been available in some bars and speciality stores in Montreal for quite some time. However, in mid-May, Pub Pit Caribou opened its doors in Montreal in the Plateau. The signature “Pit Caribou” logo that Montrealers have come to know from their bottle labels now hangs on a sign on the corner of Rachel and Mentana, just a block away from the popular poutine joint, La Banquise.

Smoked salmon, seasweed chips and beer bread. Photo by Daniel Slapcoff

Smoked salmon, seaweed chips and beer bread.
Photo by Daniel Slapcoff

Pub Pit Caribou’s menu comes in the form of a wrinkled piece of paper stapled to a wooden plank that features not only their beer menu and specialty Gaspésien snacks, but also the origins and stories behind their beers. The knowledgeable staff guides you through the beers currently available and even suggests some favourites, allowing you to explore the different flavours Gaspésie has to offer. The staff’s care and attention communicates their passion for well-crafted beers and local products.

The regular beers are all enjoyable, especially the award-winning Blanche de Pratto, a white wheat beer. The brew has hints of coriander and citrus, rendering it both sweet and slightly spicy. The rye pale ale, a limited edition seasonal beer currently being offered, is a little bit more unique. With a dry touch to it, the beer resembles an IPA because of the strong hop presence.

The pub sits on the corner of Rachel E and Mentana street, on the Plateau Photo by Daniel Slapcoff

The pub sits on the corner of Rachel E and Mentana street, on the Plateau
Photo by Daniel Slapcoff

The seaweed chips from Cap-au-Renard offer a cool alternative to regular chips – that is, if you enjoy seafood. These chips really taste like, well…the ocean. If kelp isn’t your thing, the smoked salmon from the Fumoir Monsieur Émile in Percé has just the right smoke-to-fish ratio and tastes great after a sip of the rye beer.

If your beer connoisseur friend is dying to drag you to Pub Pit Caribou but you despise beer, the pub offers a surprisingly extensive list of different spirits and cocktails. Their barley wine even won a medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2014, according to the microbrewery’s website. The pub’s current special seasonal cocktail is made with vodka and organic blueberry-lavender kombucha from New-Richmond. It has the thirst-quenching qualities of kombucha that many know and love, but with alcohol. Designated drivers will also be satisfied with the menu, as Pub Pit Caribou offers many non-alcoholic choices, including a hop tea.

Pit Caribou, 951 Rue Rachel E, is open everyday from 2 p.m. to 3 a.m.

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