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Fondue…or fun-due?

by Marta Barnes March 19, 2013
Fondue…or fun-due?

The love for cheese is something Montreal has happily inherited from its French heritage – and its fondue is a testament to this. Creperie Chez Suzette gives a wondrous array of inventive fondues for both the casual and dedicated cheese lover.

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Tucked into St-Paul’s St. in the Old Port, Chez Suzette is the very meaning of the word cozy, inside and out. Lace curtains let in lots of light and a peek at the cobblestone street. Furnished with wood in the interior and decorated with potted plants, it feels like somewhere between a stop off at grandma’s and a visit to the turn of the century – especially during the summer with the carriage rides clopping by.

Bringing the eyes back to the menu, it becomes apparent that the decision between fondues is going to be a tough one. Each is served with a cubed but baguette, olive bread, and Italian herb bread, as well as a bowl of diced green apples and sweet red grapes.There is of course the original cheese fondue, but if you’re feeling adventurous, the sundried tomato, pesto and olives, as well as the pepper and three cheeses fondue are good choices.

The former comes bubbling hot with whole chunks of tomato stewing in the molten dairy. While the cheese doesn’t have a particularly exciting flavour, and has at first, a vaguely alcoholic aftertaste, the texture and added spices of the tomatoes and herbs quickly make up for it. Combined with the cool sweetness of the grapes, the fondue is absolutely delicious.

The pepper three cheeses, however, is the best of the bunch. Where the sundried tomato is clearly made-up of just one variety of cheese, the three cheeses in this one are delicately balanced and distinct. The pepper gives a nice kick to it, and between the sweet apples and the baguette, the gustatory experience is one to impress.

Should you run out of dipping materials, the attentive and warm-spirited waiters will happily bring fruit and bread refills free of charge. With that said, this meal is not one for casual second helpings. It is rich and so filling that even room for dessert can easily become a faint, unrealistic desire.

But for the fondue enthusiasts, the fun doesn’t stop at the cheese. The regular chocolate fondue, as well as the deluxe Baileys and Grand Marnier, are there for indulging in a sweet tooth.

While an appreciation for cheese can be an expensive taste, Creperie Chez Suzette offers one of the most affordable dinners of the sort in Montreal. The cheese fondues range from $18.95 to $20.95 per person, while the chocolates go for around $17.95 to $24.95, depending on the type and if you decide to share.

So before finals, start boiling away your time, take a well-earned break in the Old Port for some cheese – you won’t be sorry.


Creperie Chez Suzette is located at 3 St-Paul St. East.

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